Bangkok and Los Angeles are two special places, both known as "City of Angels". Once every 7 years the Gods send 2 Angels to Earth through those gates. This is the journey of two of those Angels. Fallen on an unknown land. Separated by a boundless ocean. Twin souls "hearing" and feeling each other from the opposite corners of the world. Experiencing the human senses for the very first time.
Alone, yet together. Faraway, so close.
Written and Directed by Takehito Kuroha - a Killerrabbit production
Angel Lost in Bangkok : Suchada Muller
Angel Lost in Los Angeles : Sasha Marini
Angel Voice in Bangkok : Pheerapa Saenghongsa
Angel Voice in Los Angeles : Jeremy Linn
Cinematographer : Corrado Serri
Film Editor and Digital Colorist : Aaron Fuks
Music Composer and Sound Designer : Gianpaolo Capobianco
Thai Dialogues : Maythus Chaichayanon
Digital Intermediate provided by Rainbow Bridge Film and Brand Link Co. Ltd
Sound Recording : DBS STUDIO [Bangkok]
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